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Human values ​​are simple and understandable, they create the basis of truth, which has a real weight ...What is important is the truth. The opinion about what to count as truth, and what is not, is changeable, and then the truth turns into a temporary phenomenon: today one, yesterday another, and tomorrow the third .... and all about one.How this is consistent with reality, how to measure this reality, if the truth has ceased to be reliable, if it can be distorted, distorted, the truth can be raped and imposed on its opposite side.Truth can be sacrificed to short-term gains and build on this false logistics. There are a lot of words, they do not feel sorry for the foam, bubbling and blowing into the whirlpool of lies. And now, the reverse side of the truth - a lie is placed in the honorable place. It is advertised in every way in the media, makes it elegant, popular, even worshiped before fanaticism ...And more and more we are moving away from the pure point of reference, since the truth is devalued, it has been deprived of its right to exist and replaced by many illusions ...Illusion is dangerous because it hides the reality, thanks to its nebula, the human consciousness loses a living connection with the reality of being, where fertile and fertile crops of development must grow.When barbarism comes to the forefront of life in order to capture the living space and dictates its rules of the game, some wise men have not found better than to escape to an illusory space and from there to tell everyone about the charms of life ...Human values ​​are simple and understandable, they create the basis of truth, which has a real weight ...If you use the stereotype that truth is many, but truth is one, then do not be mistaken strongly: in human fulfillment, truth always has a subjective motive. Objective truth is owned by the Higher Consciousness, and if we, as people, have not learned to handle the truth with clean hands, then we can not comprehend the truth ...If you say to yourself, how many people, so many opinions about the truth - yes, you will be honest. But, it speaks of a contradictory human nature, not about bad or good, correct or not correct human nature, but that people are not the same.


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