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In the midst of one of the worst winters on record, many property owners dismay, erroneously believing real estate buyers do not shop for homes and land in winter. Wrong! With the advent of the Internet and wireless technology, buyers search online for land and lots year round. In the past, the search for a home or land typically involved a review of local newspaper ads to compile a list of properties for sale that met your criteria, then driving to a diverse array of different locations and inspecting the properties in person. Admittedly, winter weather curtailed this activity. In the past, buyers did not have access to the same visual resources and Internet search tools available today. Back then; buyers need to do more legwork involving more site visits and wasted time. When winter weather arrived, many homeowners would take their homes off the market, feeling there was little use in trying to sell until spring. Who would want to get out in the snow and cold to look at their property? Not today! Times have changed. Currently over 90% of real estate buyers search for property online.


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